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Welcome to our new updated website!

Updated: May 17, 2022

For my first blog post I just wanted to welcome any returning customers or newcomers to the updated P.W.House Jewellers website.

I originally made the old website with dad back when I was 16 years old, and now that I'm 33 and back in the family business, I have decided it's time to update.

What to expect from our website: well, unlike our old site, I wanted to be able to start selling a few of our core items to people who either already know our products or to new people who are looking for quality over brand names.

Dad and I are very picky about who we buy from, we like suppliers who like ourselves can offer quality without the big brand names, which keeps the price down as much as possible. Silver and Gold are materials that have changed in value substantially over the last few months and years so we have had to adapt along with the changes in the market.

However, when you buy a product from us, you're not only getting our cumulative 70+ years experience, you are getting a follow up service that means we will help you care for your items for years to come.

We have always been a bricks and morter business, but we accept that the world is changing, and in order for us to continue to operate and thrive we need to adapt too.

We look forward to dealing with our new potential customers as much as continuing to help our existing customers!

Jonathan & Adrian

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1 Comment

Thank you VERY much for mending my watch strap free of charge! I was feeling "naked" without it and was quite prepared to be charged! I will be back whenever I need to buy a special gift.

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